Affordable, Reliable, Quality Service Every Time!

Black Hills Sweeping Co. works hard to ensure that your business looks its best. We help maintain a clean property so that you always leave a good impression on potential clients. We offer affordable services for all of Rapid City and its surrounding area. We take care of Shopping Malls and Plazas, Office Centers and Factories and Industrial Parks.

Our Services Include:

  • Rapid City Snow Removal. We plow parking lots and roads, clear snow from sidewalk. de-ice parking lots and sidewalks with a truck mounted spray deicer.
  • Parking Lot Cleaning: keeping all roadways and parking areas clean and free of debris.
  • Blowing walkways, corners and entrances. All curbs cleaned using a curb broom.
  • Emptying of all trash cans.
  • How water/ Steam Power Washing: we clean your most stubborn stains and remove old gum.
  • To add that sparkling look, Black Hills Sweeping offers Hot Water/ Steam Power Washing to clean the most stubborn stains, even old gum!
  • Construction Clean-up
  • Keeping Your Parking Area Clean?

  • You only get one chance at making a “first impression”. A clean parking lot is the first thing your customers see.
  • FACT – 70% to 80% of the dirt in your building “walks in the front door.”
  • Keeping all outside areas clean is becoming increasingly recognized as an important element of a successful business.
  • Sand, dirt, and other trash are abrasive and will shorten the useful life of pavement and any striping in the parking area.
  • Replacement costs for pavement far exceed the routine expense of sweeping.